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  • What if I do not get selected?
    There are two round for auditions. A or Round 1 is an online audition. B or Round 2 is a physical audition that will be held in Mumbai upon being selected in round 1.
  • How do I enrol?
    To make sure you are enrolled, follow these steps: 1. Click “Register” button 2. Complete the form and make a payment of INR 550/- 3. Wait for our email for a schedule for your audition. 4. If selected at auditions, you will be informed about how to register for the event.
  • I am not from Mumbai, how do I do this.
    Most of the learning is online. But the physical audition and the final one month of the pageant/grooming will be held in Mumbai and you will need to be in the city to participate.
  • What if I do not get accepted, will I get my money back for auditions?
    No, the amount of INR 550/- if paid is non-refundable.
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